Our Story

Niseko Eco Project (NEP) is an environmental movement aiming to encourage positive change by pressuring our local town councils and encouraging local businesses into taking immediate action, to avoid tipping points in the climate system, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

Starting from conversations with local people in the community, the group started to have meetings during the 2020 winter season to bring people together, discuss the issues and challenges the Niseko area faced. From this 3 themes kept arising which are now represented in our focus areas of The Green Scheme, Building Regulation & Farming.

In the summer of 2020 the group had the desire to bring our members together to learn from one another and explore the wider ideas within the group. From this the Utopia Festival was born, the first Environmental Festival in Japan. Thanks to the hard work of committed group members the event was a huge success, with live music, DJ’s, yoga and engaging talks throughout the day. This has encouraged us to hold further events & festivals which you can find out about on our Facebook Page.

Members have given their time to create an official logo, website & social media pages to continue to grow the community. We’ve also had support from local organisations such as Niseko Promotions Board (NPB) who have the aim to make Niseko the ‘most sustainable resort in Japan’ and Niseko Town Council who have declared a climate emergency and have set a target to be ‘Carbon Neutral by 2050’.

With a growing member base and continued enthusiasm and support from the local community NEP applied to become a Ninni Dantai / Unincorporated Voluntary Association to have a more official presence when talking to and working with local councils, businesses and organisations.

Our story has only just begun on our mission to protect the Niseko environment now and for future generations. We need as many people to be part of our story for us to make lasting positive change so whether you’re here for 1 week, 1 year or 10 years see how you can get involved and be part of our community.