NEP at the Niseko Autumn Food Festival

We are very excited to have a stand at this year’s Niseko Autumn Food Festival bringing a range of activities, games & information to our stand to raise awareness of our group, the issues that the Niseko area is facing and the positive work we are doing to tackle some of these issues.

Group members will be volunteering their time to run the stand over the 5 days of the festival from Thursday 17th to Monday 21st September.

Among other activities we will have various screen prints of our logo and encourage visitors to bring their own clothes to be printed on to wear with pride.

June Meeting Updates

Meeting no.5 held at Seed Bagel. Here’s what we discussed and the latest updates.

Branding (LOGO) – festivals – and we need a simple massage – some key topics we are focusing on…

  • Official NPO
  • Great image and brand
  • Getting out and speaking to community
  • Simple understandable message.

Our simple message is split into three headings….

  1. Niseko wide business green scheme
  2. Over development and building regulations
  3. Food, faring and conservation

任意団体 (nin-i-dantai)

Three types of NPO in Japan – For now the Unincorporated Voluntary Association is the easiest and best place to start for a small charitable organisation. This allows us to have a bank account and seem more serious.

Next week I will also be preparing paperwork for this. But to do this I need to create a charter and membership list of three.

President (I will continue), Philip John Howell

Vice-president (ideally looking for an active vice president, perhaps Japanese, if anyone knows a keen green Japanese local that would be great)

Treasurer (Jonathan Amos who sadly cant make it today has already spoken to me about this and is happy to lend his experience.)

Please have a think on this and come see me afterwards if you know of anyone.