Over Development, Building Regulation & Habitat Protection

NEP is focused on reducing the environmental impact from new development being constructed within the Niseko area (primarily – Kutchan, Niseko, Rankoshi areas)

Working closely with the community, local councils, NPB, developers and other key partners. We aim to create a strategy the will maintain Niseko’s unique beauty, protect and increase habitat, promote the health and well-being of its residents, guests, animals and eco systems.

This area of NEP aims to covers a full range of environmental issues from ecologists reports to waste management.

Environmental areas included:

  • C02 emission arising from existing and future developments
  • C02 emission arising from the construction and increased traffic from developments
  • Habitat protection and land contamination issues
  • Wildlife protection (including all forms from plants to frogs to bears)
  • Health and Well-being for the community and guest
  • Other forms of pollution (noise, light etc…)
  • Feel and place – keeping Niseko Beautiful. (genius loci)
  • Intelligent and sustainable design principles

We hope to promote that one day Niseko can be the most sustainable resort in Japan – Leading the way in green tourism and being a great example for the rest of Japan. 

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