We are working with local farmers to help make their farming practices more sustainable and better for the local environment whilst still providing them with a livelihood.

This is the newest and probably the broadest section of the NEP. Below is the summary of the first meeting, the issues our members saw and some of the ideas to tackle these. We will have more meetings in the future to listen to what community want for our beautiful Niseko area.

Problems 1st meeting member see and care mainly:

  • Over packaging
  • Food waste
  • Pesticides

The topic, food and farming is so vast but these were the main concerns raised.

Other cool ideas from the 1st meeting:

  • Labels of pesticide use on the vegetables & food products
  • A google map of where you can get the locally sourced vegetable
  • Fermenting business
  • Using vegetables & food which are going to end up in the bin
  • Furoshiki culture

MIDTERM GOAL: We will try to get rid of the single-use plastic in view plaza. We will make a PETITION.

To get involved join the Facebook Group, and look out for the next Farming Meetings and check out the How to Help page to see other ways to support our mission.