Green Scheme

The aim of the Green Scheme is to help existing businesses and organisations in the area reduce their environmental impact & be more green and ethical in their practices & purchases.


This will be done through the creation of a badge/award scheme for businesses, advertisers & tourism associations to show which businesses have adopted and use environmentally friendly practices and which do not.

This gives power to the consumer to choose green companies and thus this provides an economic incentive for all businesses to do more and gain the highest level award or risk losing customers to their greener competitors.

Partners & Process

We are working with the Niseko Promotions Board who have the aim of making Niseko ‘the most sustainable resort in Japan’ as well as One Tree at a Time an organisation in France that are running a similar scheme.

Initially we are looking to run a pilot year with a small number of organisations from a variety of industries across Niseko. We will work closely with these businesses to find areas where they can improve and what solutions are available.

From this we will learn what are the challenges businesses face and discover new ways of doing things that work for the Niseko area. We will then use the lessons learnt from these experiences to design the criteria and different award levels for the Green Scheme to be rolled out across the whole Niseko area.

Get Involved

Running the pilot year and creating the Green Scheme awards will undoubtedly require the energy, time & enthusiasm of our members for it to be a success, so any help on this focus area is greatly appreciated.

If you want to find out more and help out, join our Facebook Group, check out the latest updates on the Green Scheme document and most importantly come along to one of the topic meetings which are posted on the group.