How to help

Want to help protect the Niseko environment? As a community group there’s lots of way’s you can get involved and support us.

Attend a meeting

We host monthly group meetings where we discuss all of the projects happening across the group and are a great starting to place to meet other members, find out what we are up to and how you might best be able to get involved.

We also host separate meetings for each of our 3 main focus areas of The Green SchemeBuilding Regulation & Farming.

New members are always welcome at any of our meeting regardless of your knowledge, experience or how long you’ve been in the area, all we ask is that you bring enthusiasm and a desire to make positive change in Niseko.

Join our Facebook Group to find out about the latest meetings.

Alternatively come say hi at one of our events or festivals.

Volunteer your time & skills

Do you have a particular skill or experiences that could be useful for our group?

As a volunteer not for profit charity we try and do as much as possible by ourselves so any expertise, skills or knowledge are always of great benefit to our group.

Some of the skills we are looking for are listed below but we are always open to new ideas and opportunities to improve:

  • Clothes repair or sewing skills
  • Environmental consulting
  • Building regulation knowledge
  • Blogging/Content writing
  • Photography and video editing
  • Wood work or general building skills
  • Festival & Event Planning & Organisation
  • Translating

Whatever your skill or area of expertise we’d love to hear from you. Join our Facebook Group and say hi, come along to a meeting or you can email us at

Spread the word

For the NEP to have a greater impact we need to reach as many people as possible and grow our member base and reputation.

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about the positive work we are doing.

We have a Facebook Page and Instagram account to share updates and events with the wider community.

Please follow, like and share to help continue to grow the community and raise awareness of the group and our efforts to protect the Niseko environment.

And to make sure you don’t miss out on any big news, events or updates sign up to our member updates mailing list.


If you can’t give your time then donations are extremely helpful for the groups continuing growth and impact.

The Niseko Eco Project is a a not for profit charity and relies on donations and funds raised at our festivals and events to continue to make a positive impact in Niseko.

You can find out more on how to donate and what your money goes towards on our Donate Page.

As well as monetary donations if you have tools, materials or a space for our meetings that you can offer to the group then you help keep our costs low so we can focus on having the greatest impact in our 3 focus areas.

Please get in touch if you have anything you think would be beneficial for the group by either posting on our Facebook Group or sending us an email at